Live Now !!! The Case Law Section of the Guide for Portuguese Arbitration is online!!!

Case Law Section of the Guide for Portuguese Arbitration


The Case Law section of the Online Guide for Portuguese Arbitration has just been released.

We proudly announce that the section dedicated to the Portuguese Case Law on arbitration has been uploaded on the website arbitration.Pt.

For the easy perusal of international users, we are still translating summaries of collected decisions made by the Portuguese superior courts (Supreme Court of Justice and the Courts of Appeal of Lisbon, Évora, Coimbra, Porto, and Guimarães), but decided to advance a sneak peek of what is coming ahead.

The Case Law section will feature the summaries of cases addressing arbitration related topics (with selection of the relevant excerpts of the official summaries), headlines, references to date and case docket number. It will also include the relevant hyperlink of the official database (“”) where you can find the full version (in Portuguese).

Although we plan to cover every decision rendered by the Portuguese courts on this topic, some may be forgotten, which is why we welcome any contributions of decisions that might not be listed in the database. Just click HERE to suggest the inclusion of any decisions you deem appropriate.

This section is part of our plan to globalise the practice of arbitration in Portugal and the Portuguese arbitration jurisdiction altogether. The audience will surely become acquainted with the unique features of the Portuguese jurisdiction, gain confidence in its environment, and think of Portugal when choosing a safe seat for arbitration.

We trust this will be helpful.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question related to Portuguese Arbitration:

The BCH – Online Guide Team

Joana Albuquerque | Duarte G Henriques

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